Located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, GardenLink is a modern, innovative company, which provides a fully professional, reliable service for all your garden maintenance needs, either on a one-off basis or as part of a regular annul schedule of garden maintenance.

In today’s fast-moving world, a beautifully landscaped garden should be a place to wind down, relax and entertain friends. Creating such a refuge, however, can present many challenges for busy homeowner. Our company specialises in handling all tasks involved in garden landscaping – from initial design to full implementation, using the latest technologies to create the perfect result.

Landscaping requirements have changed considerably over recent years. Water restrictions, recycling and environmental concerns all need to be addressed in planning a new garden. GardenLink incorporates best environmental practice in its designs to produce sustainable gardens requiring minimum maintenance.

GardenLink has become a well-established company in the Eastern Suburbs and inner and northern Sydney areas. It has acquired an enviable reputation for its dedicated team of landscaping professionals and hassle-free, on schedule completion of exciting modern garden projects.

Landscaping in the eastern suburbs area of Sydney is predominantly influenced by its mild climate and relaxed urban lifestyle.

Proximity to the sea provides these fortunate suburbs with a temperate frost-free climate well-suited to the typical Australian native plants of the eastern seaboard such as banksias and grevilleas. But, increasingly, with global warming, sub-tropical varieties more characteristic of Queensland gardens such as palm trees and cordylines are finding a home in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

As Sydney's population continues to grow, land in this area of the city is being more and more built over and properties subdivided. Gardens are getting smaller and their role is changing. Homeowners here are now turning them into well-presented, low-maintenance outdoor entertainment areas often referred to as “Outdoor Room”. Increasing water-restrictions mean that grass and swimming pools are out, while decks and paved areas are in.

Landscape gardening is becoming a sophisticated art and increasingly requires skills more traditionally associated with such fields as architecture, engineering, building, water conservation etc.

Having worked for many years in Sydney's eastern suburbs, GardenLink is in tune with these changing climatic and life-style trends and can offer designs and skills to create gardens and outdoor areas to enable its customers to enjoy to the full the advantages of eastern suburbs living.

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